A Stay at Temptations Resort in Cancun: Discovering Adult Paradise

Temptations Cancun have been one of the best Resorts I have stayed at. If you’re in search of an adults-only for couples, all-inclusive resort that offers more than just sun, sand, and sea, let me introduce you to the vibrant and playful world of Temptations Resort in Cancun, Mexico. Designed as a “Playground for Grown-Ups”, this beachfront paradise promises an exciting escape from the ordinary.


Bold and Sensual Design

From the moment you step into Temptations Resort, you’re immediately drawn into its unique, provocative atmosphere. The resort’s bold, modern design is inspired by the human form, featuring sensuous shapes and vibrant colors that exude energy and passion. With 430 stylish rooms and suites housed in a seven-story superstructure, each offering breathtaking ocean or garden views, the resort perfectly blends luxury with whimsy. I’ve stayed in multiple rooms at temptations. My favorite room so far was the Bash Tower. It has a view of what they call the Adult Pool area. There is also a pool area called the quiet pool in a different location of the resort.


A Culinary Journey

Temptations Resort takes all-inclusive dining to new heights. With seven specialized restaurants on-site, guests can embark on a culinary journey around the world. Savor Asian delicacies at She, indulge in gourmet Mexican dishes at Amores, or enjoy Italian classics at Romanza. The resort also features six bars, each with its own unique ambiance. Whether you fancy sipping cocktails by the pool or enjoying a glass of wine under the stars at the rooftop lounge, there’s a setting to suit every mood. The resort is all-inclusive so you can expect all the meals and drinks to be included. They do charge for premium brand drinks if you want more options. Most of the time I went to the steak house and the Asian restaurant. There is also a regular buffet-style restaurant with burgers, pizza, chicken, and more.


Playful Entertainment

At Temptations Resort, entertainment is not just an add-on; it’s at the heart of the experience. The resort’s concept of “Playgrounds for Grown-Ups” includes a wide range of activities designed to encourage guests to mingle and let loose. From daytime pool parties and sensual fitness classes to nighttime live performances and themed events, there’s never a dull moment here. My favorite event was the nighttime pool foam parties. Unfortunately, they only had it one time during my stay. The next time they had a pool foam party was during the daytime. Make sure to check the Temptations website for themed night parties. Another thing to mention is they do have day beds and specific places around the pool that you can rent for an additional cost.


Costumes for Themed night Parties at Temptations




Explore many Grownup costumes for Theme Night Parties at Tempations here. There are so many different costumes to choose from. They have both Women and Mens costumes so you and your significant other can even match.  


Unwind and Relax

For those moments when you crave relaxation, the resort’s full-service spa offers a myriad of treatments. Choose from rejuvenating massages, soothing facials, or invigorating body wraps to unwind and rejuvenate. If staying active is more your style, the state-of-the-art fitness center ensures you can keep up your workout routine even while on vacation. The resort also has a beachfront property so you can get the sand on your feet and dive in the ocean if you desire.



Temptations Resort in Cancun offers a unique, fun-filled vacation experience that goes beyond the typical beach resort. It’s a place where adults can embrace their adventurous side, meet like-minded individuals, and create unforgettable memories. So if you’re ready to break away from the ordinary, Temptations Resort awaits to welcome you to a world of playful adventures and sensual delights. The place is not located exactly in the Hotel Zone but it’s only about a 5-minute drive in a taxi if you want to go and enjoy the nightlife in Cancun’s Best Nightclubs. I recommend that you bring someone with you, this place is more catered for couples. It’s not really a good place for single Men, still I look forward to the day that I will return with someone.