Who is Passport Action?



World Traveler

My name is T Bizzle. Well, at least that’s what you can call me. I am a full-time Content Creator. I specialize in Photography, Videography, Graphic design, and creating websites. I enjoy traveling and experiencing different cultures. That is why I’ve decided to start making Travel Videos, and a Travel Blog. I have this awesome YouTube channel called Passport Action. You should definitely click the link and check it out. I also enjoy technology, Yea it’s safe to say I’m a Tech junkie. Things, like new cameras and drones and any other new technology, excite me, so I figure why not start my new website covering all of these things?

So I’ve always been an entrepreneur, Constantly thinking of ways to create revenue while doing something that I enjoy. Still, like most others, I had to work a full-time job to get to the point where I am now. I was a mechanic working on cars, Tractors, Trailers, and other heavy equipment. While working that job, I started a company that was doing pretty well financially but it was hard to balance both working full-time and running a business. Then I fell in love with traveling again. So I’ve decided to let everything else go and Become a full-time Content Creator. I started doing YouTube but lost my passion for it because it was getting in the way of me submersing into the actual trips. So I changed my efforts back to what I am great at, which is Marketing. This allows me to travel full-time without the hassles of boring down my trips. Please follow me on my journey and let’s find out together, where I’m headed next. 

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