Why You Should Use International Travel Insurance

Traveling is one of the most exciting adventures one can experience. Exploring new cultures, tasting new foods, and experiencing new landscapes can be an unforgettable and joyful experience. However, unfortunate events may happen while traveling, and this is why International travel insurance is essential. Let Travelex Insurance protect your trip investment starting at $20!


Protection from Medical Emergencies

Medical emergencies are unexpected and can be costly, especially when you are overseas. Travel insurance provides coverage for medical and dental expenses incurred during trips. By having travel insurance, you can have peace of mind knowing that you will be covered if you get sick or injured while abroad. Whether it’s a doctor’s visit, medication, or even hospitalization, travel insurance can help alleviate the financial burden.


Coverage for Cancellations or Interruptions

Sometimes you might need to cancel or postpone your trip due to unforeseen circumstances such as a family emergency, natural disaster, or even travel advisories. Travel insurance offers coverage for cancellations or interruptions, which can alleviate the costs of canceled flights, accommodations, and other pre-booked activities.


Protection for Lost or Stolen Items

Having your personal belongings stolen or lost during a trip can be frustrating and costly. Travel insurance offers coverage for lost or stolen possessions such as luggage or passports. This coverage provides a backup plan, ensuring that if something is stolen, lost, or damaged, you won’t have to stress about the cost of replacing it.


What to Look for When Choosing an International Travel Insurance Policy


When choosing an international travel insurance company, there are several factors to consider. First and foremost, examine the coverage offered. Ideally, the policy should have comprehensive coverage for medical expenses, emergency medical evacuation, trip cancellation/interruption, and personal liability. Review the policy closely to understand what is and is not covered, as well as any exclusions or limitations that could affect your trip. Additionally, look into the duration of the policy and whether it is possible to extend it if your trip length changes.


Secondly, compare the costs of different policies. Review the deductibles and premiums to find a policy that suits your budget. Keep in mind that while cheaper policies may seem more attractive, they often have more limitations and may not cover as much as more expensive policies. Finally, check the customer service quality of the company. This can be done by reviewing online reviews or asking other travelers about their experiences with the company. A travel insurance company with excellent customer service can make a significant difference in how efficiently and promptly claims are processed.


In summary, when choosing an international travel insurance company, prioritize coverage and costs while also assessing customer service. Other factors to consider include policy duration, review of credentials, and looking out for exclusions or limitations in the policy. By taking the time to research and compare your options, you can find a policy that provides the coverage you need and offers you peace of mind while traveling.



What is typically NOT covered under Travel Insurance



Here’s a detailed list of 15 things that are typically excluded from international travel insurance policies:


  1. Pre-existing medical conditions that existed before the policy’s effective date
  2. Extreme activities like skydiving, bungee jumping, ATV excursions, Jet ski riding, snorkeling, or other high-risk activities
  3. Medical conditions resulting from drug or alcohol abuse
  4. Illegal activities or any expenses incurred due to carelessness or willful negligence of the policyholder
  5. Any injury or illness caused by war or terrorist activities
  6. Travel to countries under government warnings or advisories
  7. Any injury or illness resulting from activities related to professional sports
  8. Claims made due to participation in civil disorder, riots, or strikes
  9. Expenses incurred as a result of mental or emotional disorders
  10. Injuries or illnesses caused by sexually transmitted diseases
  11. Any expenses for treatment or claims made due to sexually transmitted diseases
  12. Loss or damage of personal belongings that were unattended or not kept in secure places
  13. Any loss or claim arising due to pregnancy or childbirth, including management of pregnancies resulting from fertility treatments or miscarriage complications
  14. Any expenses for cosmetic treatments or surgeries or those associated with reconstructive surgeries except for those resulting from an injury
  15. Injuries or illnesses as a result of exposure to nuclear or radioactive materials



It is important to keep in mind that exclusions may vary depending on the insurance policy and the coverage plan chosen. Therefore, it’s crucial to thoroughly review the policy documents and understand the coverage and the exclusions. If you’re not sure whether a specific circumstance or activity is covered, reach out to your insurance provider to confirm. Additionally, if traveling to high-risk areas or participating in high-risk activities, consider purchasing specialized insurance that covers such risks.

While international travel insurance is an essential aspect of any overseas trip, it’s crucial to read the policy’s fine print to know what is not covered. Most policies do not cover pre-existing medical conditions that existed before the policy’s effective date. If you have a pre-existing condition, make sure to declare it before purchasing the policy, and look for policies that offer pre-existing condition coverage. Additionally, most policies do not cover injuries or accidents due to extreme activities such as skydiving, bungee jumping, and other high-risk activities. If you intend to participate in extreme sports or activities, consider purchasing a specialized policy that covers such risks.

It is important to note that travel insurance is not a catch-all solution for all situations that may arise while travelling overseas. Policies do not provide protection for lost or damaged personal belongings if they are not kept in a secure place or if there are no proper records of them. Similarly, claims related to drug or alcohol abuse, illegal activities such as theft, or any expenses incurred due to carelessness or willful negligence of the policyholder are usually not covered. Always read and review the policy documents and understand the coverage and exclusions to avoid any surprises in case of an emergency.


Are Excursions Covered under Travel Insurance Policies?


Most people think that you will be covered if you are injured during an Excursion on your Trip. There are a lot of Excursions that might not be covered and considered Extreme Activities. So its possible that ATV riding and Jet Ski Rides are not likely going to be covered under some Travel Insurance Policies. Luckily for you I know A Travel Insurance Company That offers additional protection. Just make sure you sign up for the adventure and Sports coverage option. I would love to know your next Adventure to Rio De Janeiro is Protected.


My Experience Dealing with International Travel Insurance


In the past, I have filed a claim a couple different times. It is important to understand that most Travel insurance companies will want a receipt for almost all of your claims. One time I had a delayed flight and on my policy it stated that I would receive up to $200 dollars. That’s when I found out, that just because $200 dollars was listed doesn’t mean that is what I would be paid. I would have needed to spend up to the $200 limit, then file a claim and provide a receipt to be reimbursed. It’s basically kind of like use it or lose it. Although, there are some policies that give you the amount without a receipt. Most Insurance policies only have different time frames for flight delays. Example. If your policy states you can be covered at a 6-hour flight delay, and your flight delay is only 5 hours and 45 minutes your coverage won’t be approved. Get recommendations from your Travel Agent about which companies are a good fit for you. Or try out Travelex Insurance Company.


Travel Insurance Scenario


If your flight is canceled due to bad weather, the insurance company would only reimburse you for the amount you actually spend. If your flight is canceled 9 times out of 10, The airline will put you on another flight for Free, even if it’s with another airline. If the only available flight didn’t leave until the next day the airline would also put you in a hotel 9/10. So, in this scenario, I would say travel insurance starts to sound like a gimmick. Not so fast, although the airline would give you a hotel voucher, the voucher would be to the hotel of their choice. So if you were staying at a 5-star hotel during your vacation, Now on your last day trying to go home, it would not be logical to spend the night at a 3-star hotel that the airline will want to give you. In this case, Travel Insurance would come in handy. You would pay upfront for another night at the hotel you were in before and provide the Travel insurance agent with the documentation needed.




There are countless reasons why travelers should invest in travel insurance, from protection against medical or dental emergencies to the cost of replacing lost or stolen items. With travel insurance, you can travel with ease and comfort, knowing that you are covered in case of any hardships. Just remember to research different insurance providers and select a coverage plan that fits your requirements to make your trip worry-free. A good travel insurance policy can make your traveling experience an enjoyable and memorable one.