How to manage work on Vacation as an Entrepreneur

Being an entrepreneur is not what it’s hyped up to be. It’s actually so much better lol. At this point in my life, there is nothing that would make me go back to working a regular job for someone else’s company. One of my biggest obstacles is my passion for traveling. I’m not your typical traveler I treat every trip like a vacation. I love going to the best restaurants, bars, and partying until the morning. I do what I want, and when I want without restrictions. With all this going on I find myself with a big dilemma, when will I make time for work lol? 


How to Manage Work While on Vacation

Vacations are meant for relaxation and rejuvenation, but sometimes work responsibilities can intrude. Here’s how you can manage your work while enjoying your vacation:


1. Plan Ahead

Before you leave for vacation, try to complete as many tasks as possible. I believe the pen is sharper than the mind. I write down everything and take lots of notes. I even try to plan out my days but rarely do I ever stick to the itinerary for places I’ve visited a lot of times unless I have someone traveling with me. Now if it’s a country or city I have never been to before then I knock out my itinerary first no matter what. 


2. Set Boundaries

Certain days should be spent doing some type of work I try to make it during the weekdays. I usually try to work, Mondays-Wednesday because I know I will want to go out and party on the weekends. Although, I know all the attractions I want to see will be packed with people on the weekends. I do make exceptions, Sometimes events take place on Mondays- Wednesdays so I am pretty sure there will be no work getting done if I am going to an event unless the work is for creating a YouTube video, which I rarely create at this point in time. 


3. Use Technology Wisely

Technology has come a long way since I first started doing marketing. With me running several completely different businesses I need to prioritize some more than others. I take advantage of features that auto-post to social media and auto-post the website posts to go live at certain times and dates. It’s easy to forget so these features work great and save you from a lot of stress.


4. Prioritize Tasks

I always try to tackle my most important task first instead of waiting until the last minute. It doesn’t mean that I always do it because I always find myself working on projects at the last minute lol. Still, it’s important to go through and find the most critical tasks and strive to complete those first. So if something comes up while I’m on vacation I have peace of mind knowing that what I need done is already finished. 


5. Find a Quiet Place to Work

If you need to work, find a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed. This will help you finish your tasks more quickly so you can return to your vacation. Try to tune out all distractions, including your smartphone.


6. Take Advantage of Downtime

Use travel time or early mornings to catch up on emails or urgent tasks. One of the most important techniques I have found is to complete the majority of your work in one day. Such as me writing this blog post right now. Instead of me just writing this one post and calling it quits, I will write no less than 5 so I am always ahead of where I need to be. I do the same with YouTube videos that is when I feel like creating them. This can free up the rest of your week for vacation activities. 


7. Unplug Completely if Possible

If you can, take a complete break from work. A total digital detox can help you relax and recharge more effectively. Recently, I found myself in a state of worker fatigue and took a break away from everything. I strongly believe in the need to outwork everyone else to get ahead. So, it’s easy for someone such as an entrepreneur to overwork themselves. Taking a complete break from work, news, social media, people, etc is important to remain focused on your end goals. I take that time and explore something different such as a beach I haven’t been to before, read, learn portuguese, try new restaurants, and socialize. Just cutting off any potential stress and negativity and thinking positively will change everything.


Remember, the point of a vacation is to take a break from work. While it may not always be possible to disconnect completely, try to minimize work as much as possible to enjoy your time off.