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25 Travel Scams that You should avoid on Vacation

 Travel Scams Take place all over the World. I have had multiple attempts at some of these scams on me. I will show you what to watch out for and how you should respond. First let’s start with the List


List of 25 Travel Scams 


  1.  Fake Cuban Cigars Scam
  2. The Fake Money Switch Scam
  3. The Menu switch with Different Prices scam
  4. The Pickpocket Diversion scam
  5. The Taxi Money exchange scam
  6. Pay a tip for my Time scam
  7. Fake and Cheap Liquor scam
  8. It’s a free sample for you scam
  9. Airport security Stealing your items
  10. The 3 bottle cap shuffle scam
  11. Fake Jewelry Scam
  12. The Free Bracelet Scam
  13. Extra drinks and/or Fees on your bill scam
  14. Automobile rental Damage scam
  15. Pay me Up Front scam
  16. Fake Ticket Scams
  17. The place is closed scam
  18. Not asking the price first scam
  19. Taximeter Broke Scam
  20. Buying illegal Substances Scam
  21. The Fake Uber Driver Scam
  22. Being Drugged and Robbed Scam
  23. The Timeshare scam
  24. Overly Friendly Taxi Drivers
  25. Overly Friendly Women Scam


Learn How to avoid these Travel scams



1. Fake Cuban Cigars Scam


I have seen people trying to sell me fake cigars all over the world. This has happened to me even while visiting Cuba. With this Travel scam, the cigars may very well be from Cuba. Especially if you are visiting Cuba. If someone on the street or the beach is trying to sell you these cigars they are most likely a knockoff. They are not the brand that they are trying to sell you. One of the most popular brands is Cohiba. A lot of times you do not know what you are smoking and it could actually be hazardous to your health.


How to Avoid the Fake Brand Cigars?


To avoid buying Fake brand cigars I recommend only purchasing from a Legit Tobacco store or The airport. Never buy these from someone or even a vendor on the streets or Beach.

2. The Fake Money Switch Scam


A lot of times when you purchase something you will be always using bigger currency notes. It is hard to get and keep change. This Scam can come in multiple ways. The person scamming you will receive the money you give them and quickly switch it with a fake note and tell you that they can not accept that note because it is fake. The other is that they give you change and the money they are giving you is fake.


How to Avoid The fake Money Switch?


One way to avoid this Travel Scam is by never purchasing anything off the streets with your larger Currency Notes. Only use smaller notes that you receive back from Restaurants etc. Legitimate establishments. You should always be checking the money that you receive back from people also. You may be able to tell right away that the money is fake. A lot of the time we just Count the money and shove it into our pockets

3. The two Menu Switch


I personally experienced this at a restaurant in Boca Chica Dominican Republic. I heard about other people’s experiences with Travel scams at that beach while looking at Youtube Videos. Their scam was a little different than mine and I will go over that in scam number 18.


So I was actually staying at a hotel that is a part of this restaurant but it is separate. It’s outback and is sitting on the water. I asked for a food menu and right away I took a picture of it after the waiter left it with me. Because me and My friend were sharing the menu. This menu was actually in English so I didn’t need to translate.


I ordered a Fish I think it was Red Snapper. My friend ordered the same thing. After we finished eating I asked for the bill. The bill came back and it was a lot higher than what it was supposed to be. I already added up how much I was supposed to pay before he came back with the bill. I told him the price of the fish was not what I read. The whole time the waiter did not know I had a picture of the Menu on my phone. He said the price of the fish was per lb. He said my fish was 2 or 3lbs lol.

I asked him to see the menu so I can see where it says that. I remembered seeing the Lobster was priced per lb, but I knew that fish did not say that. He brings back the menu and guess what it says? The price of the Red Snapper was per lb. I asked him where the other menu was at. He said that was the menu. I can not deny that the menu was identical except for the price per lb next to the Fish. I then show him my phone where I took a picture of the menu and showed him that the menu you brought me the first time did not say that. The waiter was lost for words. He said he would go get the manager but they never came. He ended up changing my Bill back to the correct price that it was supposed to be.


How to Avoid The 2 Menu Switch?


What saved me from paying almost triple for that food that I ordered was that I took a picture of the menu and that I stood firm on not paying not 1cent extra. Since that incident, I always take pictures of the menu when I am abroad.


4. The Pickpocket Diversion


So I actually was Pickpocketed in Medellin Colombia. I totally let my guard down thinking no one would be crazy enough to pickpocket me lol. Well, I was wrong about that. One night after leaving the club I was still hanging out around Calle 10. That is where the little kids approached us asking for more money etc. I had given them money multiple times before already.

Next is when someone else came up trying to sell me something. I told him no and also told the guy with the tray no as he walks up trying to sell me something also. I reached for my phone and I did not have it. I asked my friend did I give him my phone and he said no. I then looked at the kids and one of them looked at the guy crossing the street. I then realized that was the guy just trying to sell me something. I ran into the middle of the street and caught him.

I asked him, do you have my phone. He seemed shocked and pulled it out saying that he found it on the ground. All the Colombian people were chanting for me to beat him. I walked off without further incident just happy to have my phone back.


There are other instances that people have been distracted by being spit on or having liquid or something else thrown at them or dropped from on top of a roof. At this point, the pickpocketers take advantage of the situation since you have been distracted and go for your valuables. They will do the same thing with your backpack. They will cut your backpack and steal the contents out of it that way.

I believe a guy was trying to pickpocket me in Cancun one time while I was distracted watching a fight on the street. He then thought it would be a great time to approach me with some roses while I was sitting there recording. He waited for his moment but I was already watching him.

There is also an instance when you can be somewhere like Copacabana at night. There may be some Girls that try to dance with you in the middle of the street. You definitely want to watch them also because they will be trying to pickpocket you while they are dancing on you.


How to Avoid being Pickpocketed?


What I have learned is to keep people at a distance. Always be aware of what is going on around you. I look for the Distractions that usually come in threes. Sometimes it may just be one person trying to dance on you. Just be aware and keep people out of your personal space.

If you have a backpack it is a good idea to wear it in the Forward position like the picture on the top of this Article.


5. The Taxi money Exchange Travel scam



So a Taxi driver in Havana Cuba Tried this scam on me. One night I was leaving a night club and was on my way home. I negotiated my price with the taxi driver before getting into the taxi. I was drinking that night but I was not drunk. So we pull up to the location where I wanted to be dropped off and I pulled out my money. In my wallet I had a 10 note and a 20 note. I pulled out the 10 note and gave him the other 2 singles I had in my pocket.


I shined the light of my phone onto the money to make sure then I handed it to him. I got ready to exit the taxi by opening the door and he say oh no amigo. He shows me 3 single bills. He says this is not enough. I double-check my wallet again even though I know I gave him the 10 out of my wallet and I tell him where did the money go? He shrugs his shoulders with his hands in the I don’t know the position. I said I know.


I said ok. I looked across the street and said we will ask him. Standing across the street was a police officer. After I said that the guy just shook his head and said no just forget it. I ended up asking him out of all the people why would you try to rip me off. After giving him a lot of vulgar words I left without further incident.


How to avoid the Taxi driver Money switch


Now in these situations That I deal with a taxi driver I make sure that he sees me count the money out and then I watch him do his recount or whatever before I ever open the door. I make sure that we are both seeing the correct amount of money. That also gives you time to make sure he doesn’t try to get you with the fake money scam by saying that you gave him a fake note also.


6. Pay a tip for my Time Scam



This Scam can come in many different ways. You can be sitting at a bar and a women ask if you can buy her a drink and sits down next to you. You may realize that she is not your type but you buy her a drink anyway. After a while, she sees that you are not interested and now she wants you to give her a tip for sitting with you lol.


This can also come from people on the streets trying to help you. If you engage in conversation with someone walking around and you give them information about what you are looking for or where you are going they may follow you along continuing the conversation. Once you get to your destination they may ask for some money insinuating that they helped you to your location etc.


In one of my videos in Tanzania on Cocoa Beach you can see as I arrive there is a guy talking to me. I brush him off by not engaging in a real conversation with him but not trying to be rude at the same time. He starts telling me his role at the beach by telling me he is security and whatever else he was saying. I made him repeat himself before I told him not to waste his time because I don’t have anything for him. I had to tell him a couple of times but he finally got the picture and left.


With him telling me something about him being security and continuing to walk around with me you can bet that he would have been asking for some money before he left my side. I believe in his mind he would have tried to justify it by playing the role of my security lol. I have seen similar things happen in the Dominican Republic also.


How to avoid the Pay for my time Scam


I have learned never to waste anyone’s time. Regardless if it’s a woman being flirtatious with me at the bar or some random guy trying to be friendly asking me my name or where I am from. If I don’t plan on doing business with this person I do not engage in small talk at all. Never buy a girl a beer if you are not interested and never allow anyone to follow you around if you don’t want the service they are propositioning you.

7. Fake and Cheap Liquor Scam



So this is something that I have heard happening specifically in impoverished nations. There was a rumor a few years ago that tourists were dying in the Dominican Republic due to fake alcohol. I believe that all the deaths of American tourists there were found to be of other causes.


Now I can say that there may be some truth to more low-budget or homemade liquor being exchanged for premium brands in some establishments around the world. One time I was in the city of Addis Ababa at a night club located in the hotel I was staying at. I always write down in my Samsung note 10+, the number of drinks that I have received in the note section so I can keep up just in case I have too many I have something to reference back to. One night in the club I ordered and drank 16 shots of Black Label Whisky and 2 bottles of water.

Now I know I can drink but I would think after 16 shots I may need to be carried out of the club. I have no proof or don’t know if the alcohol was watered down or not but it definitely makes me think about it.


How to avoid buying Fake Liquor


When buying alcohol in clubs it’s good to go for drinks that are not open. Such as beers. It would have probably been more cost effective if I bought the entire bottle of Black label. I would’ve been able to examine it also to make sure that it was unopened.


 8. A Free Sample Scam


When you are traveling abroad you will always hear someone trying to give you a Free sample after you turn down their service. It could be anything from a massage or a manicure or a shoe cleaning etc. I am here to tell you that there are no free samples. If someone tries to offer you something 9/10 they will want something from you at the end.

There was a time in Sosua Dominican Republic I was at a resort and the lady was going around offering manicures. I declined her offer but she insisted that she wanted to give me a sample. She grabbed my hand and started. Next thing you know when She was finished she asked for a payment of 1000 pesos lol. I gave her 500 pesos which is $10 USD just to avoid an argument with the lady.



How to avoid the Free Sample Scam


Kindly decline everyone’s offer that you do not intend to pay for the service or product that they are offering you. Sometimes they insist even grabbing on you. Especially when it comes to a massage on the beaches. Just pull away and tell them thank you in whatever language they understand.


9. Airport Security Stealing your Items


One time when I was leaving Cancun Mexico I put my items in the tray and when through the checkpoint. As I was gathering my items I noticed that my reading glasses were not inside the tray. They are gold in color and they must have wanted them. I explained to one of the people that my glasses were missing. He then goes over to a spot where the guy scanning the items is sitting and they had like a catch bucket that he tried to insinuate that they must of fell.


How to avoid having your items Stolen By Airport


The Best way to avoid having your valuables stolen is to put everything inside your bag or book bag so know where your things are. Don’t leave your items loosely accessible.

10. The 3 Bottle Cap Shuffle Scam


This scam happens to people that are willing to gamble on the streets with a guy with a small board and 3 bottle caps with a balled-up piece of paper. The scam works by them showing you the small ball and putting it under the bottle cap. They will then rearrange the bottle caps and want you to choose which cap it is under. You may see someone winning and taking the magician’s money. This person is actually working with them. He is letting them win so you feel confident enough to gamble your money also. This is a cheat. They will be holding on to the paper ball between their fingers so you will never be able to pick the correct cap that it is under. That’s because they have it in their fingers the whole time lol.

This has never happened to me but you will see this scam done on the streets in the USA. Normally somewhere where there are a lot of tourist visiting from other states or huge events where a lot of people are gathering. I have seen this done during black bike week in Myrtle Beach South Carolina. Some girls lost hundreds of dollars trying to win and they never had a chance.


How to avoid falling victim to the 3 Bottle Cap Shuffle Scam


You should never try gambling in the streets and making bets with random people. It can often lead to you losing your money or even worse.


11. The Fake Jewelry Scam


There are people all around the world trying to sell you fake jewelry. This definitely happens in the USA. I even fell victim to this scam when I was 18 years old lol. So I was sitting in KFC eating my food when I see this weird-looking guy come in. He looked like someone I did not need to be dealing with.

I looked up at him and he flashed this Golden Neckless at me. He even had a watch to go with it. Right away I’m not interested. I didn’t have enough money to buy a golden chain. But it caught my attention. So he comes over he scratches it. Sets it on fire trying to show me that it is real. I engage with him and ask him how much. He was looking around suspiciously and came up with this story of how he got it out of the jewelry store with a credit card and needed to get rid of it quickly. I offer him $100 for the chain and another $30 for the watch. This guy even had the receipts for the Jewelry lol.

3 days later I’m walking around wearing the chain and my friend jokingly tells me that I need to clean it and that it was dirty. Later on that day I went home and put it in some jewelry cleaner and the chain started to turn bronze-like color lol.

There is another time I got scammed with the fake speakers and speaker box setup by some guys riding around in a white van full of home entertainment systems and Car Speaker boxes but that is a story for another time lol.


How to not fall victim to the Fake Jewelry Scam


Never buy gold or jewelry from anyone off the street. If the Jewelry were real they would just take it to a buy gold now place or a pawn shop lol. They would have no reason to try to offer anything to you for a discount. Also buying stolen property or goods is illegal. You would feel like you are innocent because you did take it but it is a serious crime. Stay away from people selling stuff on the streets.

12. The Free Bracelet Scam


The free Friendship Bracelet scam is common in a lot of different countries. They may try to sell you one or give it to you when that doesn’t work. After you put it on they will demand money from you and cause a scene. I have had people trying to give me free stuff a lot of the places I go. I kindly decline and keep on walking.


How to avoid the Free Friendship Bracelet Scam


Never accept anything for free from anyone off the streets.


13. Extra Fees and Drinks on You Bill Scam


Most people that travel and have been to a nightclub have definitely had this happen to them before. It can be when you allow girls or people into your section and they try to add drinks to your bill. It can also be in the form of you leaving a nightclub with a girl who will try to get you to pay some sort of exit fee depending on what type of club you are at.

Some nightclubs specifically in brazil charge you after. So they give you a card and they add all the drinks to your number on the card. At the end of the night, you will notice that there are drinks on there that are not yours. Or maybe you had too much to drink and won’t even look at what drinks are on the bill.

How to avoid extra fees and Drinks on Your Bill


I write all the drinks that I order on my phone and keep a Tally that way. Also depending on what type of nightclub I’m at I have the girl meet me outside or away from the club.

14. The Automobile Rental Damage Scam


This is a scam that I have heard done in multiple Countries. This usually happens when you are not renting from a legitimate establishment. In some cases, it does happen even with Legitimate establishments. It can be you renting a car, moped, Jetski, or anything else. They will claim that you damaged it and want you to pay an absurd amount of money.


How to avoid The Rental Damage Scam


You will always want to take high-quality photos and videos and make sure that they are acknowledging any prior damage to your rental before you get on. You will always want to rent from a legit establishment. You also want to watch letting someone like a female you just met ride a jet ski with you agreeing to pay the cost etc. because she may be working with the people to get you out some money lol


15. Pay me upfront Scam


Someone actually tried this scam on me and a friend recently while sitting at the Beach in Cartagena Colombia. We sat down and was drinking under the umbrellas and ordered drinks etc. Then a guy that was supposedly working there came up to us asking us to pay now. He was not the guy that we were dealing with and we said no we will wait to pay the normal guy when we were done. Then we seen our waiter and asked him about this other guy that wanted the payment and he said no. You do not pay anyone else beside me.


How to avoid the Pay me upfront scam


Never pay a random person because they said so. Only deal with your own waiter that brings you your drinks. There are a lot of random people walking around trying to scam you out of some money.


16. Fake Tickets Scam


Another scam that is taking place all around the world is purchasing fake tickets. You may want to go to a soccer game while traveling internationally or a football or baseball game right here in the USA. You may notice outside the stadium that someone is trying to sell you tickets. 9/10 times the tickets are fake. Do not fall victim trying to buy tickets from a random stranger. This can also happen with Travel tickets such as Bus tickets or anything else.

How to avoid being sold fake tickets


You should only buy your tickets from the Ticket gate or a reputable website with a long history of selling legitimate tickets.


17. The Place is closed Scam


Sometimes when searching for certain tourist attractions, such as Parks, Restaurants, Bars, or Hookah lounges you may run into someone offering to help you. Most people can obviously tell you are searching for something by the way you are looking around and looking at google maps on your phone repeatedly talking to yourself lol.

I have been approached several times while traveling with people offering to help me then saying the establishment or park etc. is closed. They may then tell you they know a better place that you can go. They are either trying to take you to a place where they can get a commission for bringing you, or it can also be an attempt to rob you. This can happen to you with random people walking around also Especially with Taxi Drivers.


How to avoid falling for The Place is Closed Scam


The Best way to avoid this scam is to call the place before you go. You can look online to see their business hours but sometimes these places are closed due to a holiday that you don’t know about. Try reaching out to them either on Instagram or their Facebook business page. Use a Uber to take you to the location so you can find out for yourself. Avoid Taxis if you can.

18. Not Asking the Price first Travel Scam


I have seen stories about people Receiving Ridiculous bills after eating at a restaurant on the Beach. It can also be with something such as renting beach chairs or Umbrellas. If you are planning on using someone’s service such as hair braiding, Massages, Manicures, Pedicures. Maybe Buying a drink from a vendor. Always ask the price upfront.


I remember seeing a YouTube video of a girl being scammed visiting Boca Chica in the Dominican Republic. She started getting scammed right away as she rented a car and payed a random guy telling her where to park. He then charged her a parking fee. After that, he followed her down the beach and told her to take a seat at a restaurant.


This guy never gave her a menu he just took her order. After she and her friend were ready to leave she asked for the bill. This guy came back with a bill of around $205 USD. I have also heard stories from a friend of mine that lives in Cartagena Colombia. She showed me a Bill that a tourist was charged for food and the Total was Close to $1000 USD I want to say.


How to Avoid Being Scammed Ordering Food or Services


The Best way is to ask for the Price of what you want upfront. Also, Ask for a menu and Take a picture of the Menu so you can refer to just in case they switch the menu on you as they tried to do to me in Boca Chica. Avoid random people trying to help you. You will see these people Especially on the Beaches. It may be in Colombia, the Dominican Republic, or Copacabana Beach in Rio De Janeiro Brazil. Deal directly with the Vendor or Restaurant. You do not need a middle man. If you feel like you are being scammed look for the Police or the Tourist Police to help settle the Dispute.

19. The Taxi Meter is Broke Scam


I started seeing this in Kuwait. It is required by law that the Taxis use the Meter but they will often tell you that it is broken. They may also have it running before you even get in the car. In some places you go there might not be a Taxi Meter. They may have set prices they may tell you.



How to Avoid Being Scammed by the Taxi Driver


Use Uber and Avoid Taxis when possible. You can also use uber to gauge the price that you want to go so that you will know a fair price. If you do need to take a Taxi ask the price before you get in. If the price is too high then negotiate and let them know the price you are willing to pay.


One time in Ethiopia I negotiated the Taxi Price before I even got in the Taxi. I always make sure they understand by repeating the cost. Once I got to the hotel he wanted me to pay more. I refused handed him what we agreed on and got out of the taxi. He then gets out of the taxi but I held my ground and he got back in cussing me out.


So in a place like Ethiopia where there is no Uber you may have to just deal with the taxi drivers.

20. The Setup Scam


Anyone buying illegal substances already should know how easy it is to be ripped off. In some countries where some things may be illegal people may set you up. In Kuwait alcohol is Illegal but it is Legal in the USA. In some places, Marijuana is legal in Nevada and California but it is Illegal in the Dominican Republic.


I have been offered illegal substances every place I have been. It must be because of my hairstyle. I personally don’t participate in anything illegal.


I have heard stories that some people were offered Marijuana by someone and after they were sold the substance, they were then detained by the police not even 3 minutes later. Some of these guys may be working with the police to pay off their debts or earn extra money for shaking down the Foreigner.


How to Avoid Being Scammed buying Illegal Substances


The only way to avoid Being scammed buying something illegal is to not Buy it at all. You have no recourse to filing a police report or anything if you are doing anything illegal and The USA government won’t help you if you were doing wrong.


21. The Fake Uber Driver Scam


A lot of the time you may get to an airport and decide that you want to use a Uber instead of a Taxi. People will say that they are your uber. You may assume that They are because the GPS on your phone shows them there at the airport. You want to make sure that you don’t get into someone’s car that you don’t know.


How to avoid getting The Uber Scam


You need to always check the license plate and the photo of your uber driver. Sometimes there will be someone else that isn’t the person in the photo also one time I had a driver that was driving a different car. The car was different and the license plate but the GPS showed that showing me they were there. The driver also knew my name but I did not get in that car. Uber tells you to check the license plate number and not to get in if it does not match.

22. Being Drugged and Robbed Scam


This is something that happens to a lot of tourists visiting Medellin Colombia. You can see countless stories online of tourists and even Locals being drugged in Medellin. There is a Plant there that Produces a Seed and when the contents are extracted it makes the drug Scopolamine. A lot of people are actually drugged with something else but the mythical tales make of Scopolamine make a good story.

I have read about people getting into taxis and falling victim to being drugged. One guy said he got in the taxi and the driver offered him some hand sanitizer and the next thing he knew he was out of it. I have also heard stories about people being drugged by something simple as receiving a business card or flyer.

The most Common way most Tourist is drugged is by meeting women on the popular dating app tinder. They usually meet women on the app in hopes of finding a girl for a relationship or maybe something quicker. The girl offers to come over to their apartment for drinks and the next thing you know the foreigner wakes up 3 days later with all of their belongings gone.


How to avoid Being Drugged and Robbed in Colombia


The best way to avoid being drugged in Colombia is to watch your Drinks. The most common way someone is drugged is by something being absorbed into their drinks. This can happen at a restaurant and all you had was a water.

Avoid drinking alcohol. Although you can be drugged drinking water or juice, you will notice a lot sooner that something is not right than if you were drinking alcohol. Also, don’t bring strange women to your apartment in Colombia.

Since I see alot of the guys that are being drugged by these women that they are meeting on online dating sites. I will say you may want to avoid using Tinder in Medellin Colombia.


23. The Timeshare Travel Scam


So you may get a phone call from someone offering you a 2 or 3-day stay with dinner included at a beach resort. The catch is you only need to listen to someone speak for an hour. You also may already be on your vacation at a resort and approached by someone to get a free breakfast or free tickets etc. All you will need to do is spend a hour listening to someone speak.

Purchasing a timeshare is almost Never a good idea. Most of the Timeshares you may only get 1 week out of a year. They are expensive and hard to recoup any of your money back. A lot of places especially resorts will have someone trying to hook you into buying a timeshare with the resort. They may say that they have a network of over 200 more properties you can stay at around the world.

I would advise you to save your money. After you find out that the timeshare you purchased is no good you will want to try to resale it. You might even get a call from a scammer that found you on a list of people that purchased timeshares. He will offer to sell yours for maybe 5 or 10 thousand dollars more than you paid. You get all excited thinking you can finally recoup your money.

Then the guy will tell you that you only need to pay a certain amount for him to list it etc. The thing is if you pay this person anything he is not obligated to sell your property. He can literally take your money and not do anything else. If he was so sure that he could sell it then why not get the money in the back end of the sale. There should not be a need to pay them upfront.

I actually have had friends whom this situation has happened to. and I tried to warn them when they were telling me about each process. I have learned to just let people make their mistakes because you will sound uninformed or like a hater to someone that is determined about what they want to do.


How to Avoid The Timeshare Scam


I love free stuff so maybe taking that 2 or 3 day stay and listening to the person speak is worth it. These people are professional speakers so you just need to always remember not to let them talk you into it. Or you can just Turn down the proposition altogether and avoid it.

24. Overly Friendly Taxi Drivers


One day my friend told me about this spa. He told me the price and I also saw something with the prices on the website. Still, something was suspicious about the spa because when I called them on the phone they were trying to tell me a different price. Not only that but they were telling me the price in dollars.

I decided to go to the spa anyway. I gave the taxi driver the directions and when we got near he noticed where we were going. Now that we pull up he is offering to take me into the spa. I’m telling him, no but he follows me in any way. I wait etc and The lady comes out and asks if I have been there before. I said no my friend recommend the place. That is when the Taxi driver ask me how much did I pay last time. I explained to him again that I haven’t been there before.

I let them know what my friend said the price was. I even said lower lol. That is then when she quoted the website price. What was happening is the Taxi driver was hoping I would pay more than the real price so he could try and get a commission for bringing me there. He would only get a commission if I paid over the regular price.


How to avoid being scammed by Taxi Drivers


Avoid taxi drivers altogether. In some places, it’s hard to do especially in the Cancun and Tulum Regions in Mexico. My spider senses were working from the moment the Taxi Driver wanted to go in with me. I knew right away he was trying to get something from it. I just wasn’t sure if it was the commission from him bringing me or what.


25. Overly Friendly Women Scam


So you are sitting at the Bar. You see a beautiful woman smiling at you. She comes over starts talking to you. Ask you for a drink etc. Everything is going right. It’s starting to get late and the bar is closing. She ask you if you want company. Says she will come back with you to your Hotel Room.

You get back to the room and are having a great time. 45 minutes goes by and now she is ready to go. But not before she gets paid lol. At this point, you thought that everything was genuine. She now is demanding an outrageous price from you. If you don’t pay she threatens to call the Police or her boyfriend that is Mafioso lol. She may even start destroying your hotel room which will add up to extra charges besides the amount you are going to need to pay her to leave.


This can happen anywhere in the World. Regardless if you are in Las Vegas Nevada. Or hanging out smoking hookah at a lounge in Dubai. This type of scam happens every day.


How To Avoid being Scammed by Overly friendly women at the Bar


The best way to avoid being got by this scam is being real with yourself. If you are an older man or woman and someone half your age is flirting with you offering company and you just met them. Well, they are most likely working or up to something.


To avoid a bad situation from happening, be upfront and ask them if they are working. If they are planning on charging you. 9 out of 10 are going to say yes. That way you can know what to expect.

Have You fallen For any of these Travel Scams?


If you have fallen for any of these scams please let me know in the comment section below. I would also like to thank you for reading my article and I hope that I have made you aware of some of the scams that can happen to you either domestically or abroad in another country.


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