The Best Travel Snacks to bring on an airplane



Whenever possible I always try to go and buy my snacks days before I catch a flight. I’ve been on a flight from Ethiopia to Washington DC which is 16 hrs 45 minutes on the airplane. I also bring snacks on shorter trips to Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. While the airline will provide snacks of their own, they are not always the best solution. In this post, I will give you some of the best travel snacks that I know of.


These are the Best Travel snacks to pack for a long Plane ride


    1. Roasted and Salted Sunflower Kernels

I like bringing Sunflower seed Kernels because it’s something light to snack on and in my opinion tasty. Sunflower seeds are also healthy for you. I just read studies that show they cut down on high blood pressure and High Cholesterol. I recommend leaving them in their original package just in case customs officers say something about you bringing seeds to or from a different country. I prefer bringing the kernels instead of the whole seeds, so I won’t be making a mess and won’t have anything to spit out. One thing to keep in mind is the person sitting next to you. Just in case they are allergic to nuts you may need to be prepared to put them back in your bag.



  1. Pistachios

I don’t know about you, but I love eating pistachios. The only thing I hate is the cost. Just like Sunflower seeds, there are also supposedly health benefits from eating them. It says they have antioxidants and more reasons you should eat pistachios. They are something light that you can snack on to get you through the airport and your flight. I also recommend leaving these in the original bag. One of the main reasons I like to bring nuts and seeds is there is no need to refrigerate these items. Even if I do not finish them all I can still eat them on my next flight coming back home.




  1. Beef Jerky

I normally go and buy 2 different kinds of beef jerky before I get on a flight. I like spicy food so I will look for sweet and spicy beef jerky. I also buy beef sticks or the deli-style smoked sausage. Beef Jerky is also nutritious for you and provides high protein and vitamins. I enjoy eating beef jerky so much it most likely won’t last me until my trip back home. I find myself in the hotel or Airbnb wanting a snack and remember that I have beef jerky to snack on. One of the most important things is that you don’t need to keep it in the refrigerator so that’s definitely a plus. If everything else from the list came off beef jerky would need to remain alone as one of the best travel snacks. lol.




  1. Fig Newtons and cookies

I personally like eating fig newtons. They are also a tasty snack that I can bring and don’t need to worry about them going bad so quickly. They also have some health benefits such as being high in fiber and minerals. It does not take me a lot of them to make me feel full. Cookies can also make a wonderful snack to travel with. The type of cookies depends on you. So please let me know in the comment section what type of cookies you enjoy.



  1. Pringles and chips

I don’t know about you but that saying, “Once you pop you can’t stop”, I find it entirely true lol. I will eat a whole can of Pringles with nothing to spare. Depending on the size of your carry on they sell both small cans and the large size if you can fit them. They have many different flavors to choose from also. Let me know which is your favorite flavor in the comment section. One of the good things about bringing Pringles for a flight is you don’t need to worry about the bag popping in your backpack or carry-on because Pringles come in a Can and not a bag. Just in case you don’t like Pringles it’s also a good idea to bring the type of chips that you do enjoy. Let me know which potato chips you prefer.



  1. Cheese it Crackers

Another snack that can hold me over on a long flight is Cheese its. Just like Pringles, I will devour a whole bag of these delicious snacks. There are also a lot of different cracker options for you to choose from also. Ritz cheese bits and cheese goldfish are also solid options in my opinion. You also can’t overlook graham crackers, another great option.



  1. Chewing Gum

This is one of the most important snacks That I bring on a flight with me. When I’ve been up in the sky flying for a while, I normally feel like my ears need to pop. Chewing gum seems to help me with the issue. Although there are many reports that don’t support the idea, saying that chewing gum on an airplane makes you swallow more air and basically makes you need to pass gas lol. I can only speak about what works for me. It may also be ideal to bring some sour candy with you just in case you want to take heed of the chewing gum warning. Another trick to try and pop your ears is to yawn.



  1. Fruits and Raisins

Raisins can make a healthy quick and easy snack to bring on your adventure through the skies. Raisins are dried grapes, so you get some awesome benefits from eating them. One thing to remember is they are a laxative so eating too much may not be an ideal choice. If you are planning on bringing fruits, you may want to consider which ones won’t need to be kept cool. You will most likely be carrying them around in your bag and you may have delays before your flight begins.



  1. Fruit Snacks

As a kid, I used to love eating fruit roll-ups and other gummy fruit snack packs. Well, these snacks such as fruit by the foot and others are still around today. They come in small packs and there is no mess to clean up after eating them. They are kind of sugary so you will want to keep that in mind also. They also have some health benefits and are marketed as being healthy, but I will recommend you do your own research on that. What more can I say about fruit snacks, they are tasty.



  1. Pretzels

Just like chips and crackers, pretzels make an amazing snack. You can either leave them in the original bag or find a Ziplock back to put some in just to bring along for the journey. While there are no health benefits from eating pretzels, they should be able to get you full very quickly.



  1. Tuna

Tuna in the pouches can make an excellent snack to eat. You can even make a sandwich out of it or eat it alone. Another idea would be Bringing a sandwich if you want something a little more than a snack. I would never rely on the Sandwiches that you may receive on your flight. I prefer going to a place like Jersey Mikes and having them cut me a giant sub into portions of 4. Then you can even single wrap them and put them in a plastic bag for later. I will normally only bring ½ of the sandwich because I will most likely eat the other half right then lol. But if you are a tuna fan don’t forget about this option.



  1. Rice Krispy Treats

Rice crispy treat snacks are also a great option if you are wanting something to snack on while on your flight or at the airport. I cannot say they are healthy but they sure are a tasty snack to get you through your adventure.



  1. Popcorn

So, the thing about popcorn is that it can get pretty messy really quickly. But if you keep it in a small container or Ziplock bag, I don’t see why you can not enjoy this healthy snack. After doing some research I found that popcorn is whole grain and also high in fiber. So, it may be worth popping your own or buying it already cooked and bagged.



  1. Cough Drops

I personally like bringing along citrus flavor vitamin C cough drops. Not only are they a good source of vitamin C but they can also help your ears from popping. Let me know your favorite flavor of cough drops in the comment section.



  1. Protein Bar

If you want something healthy and compact you should consider bringing some protein bars. After doing some research I found that they are a high source of vitamins and minerals. They will also fill you up more than other snacks. One thing to watch out for is protein bars can make you constipated. So, it might be a good idea to bring those raisins also lol.



Travel Snacks you should not bring to the airport


There is more food than most people think that you will not be able to bring to the airport. Most people usually think about what they hear TSA screaming most of the time “If you have water in your bag, take it out” “Get rid of it or we will get rid of it for you” lol. Below is a list of some items that you cannot bring with you. But there is an exception. If your liquids or gel foods are less than 3.4 ounces then you should be allowed to bring them through.


  1. Water

You definitely do not want to even try getting past TSA with a bottle of water in your bag. It will only hold you up once you make it through the X-ray machine or metal detector. They will most likely pull your bag to the side and do a search. It’s fairly easy to forget so I don’t recommend ever putting it in your carry-on or backpack.


  1. Coffee

Unless you are bringing an expresso shot, which should be fine, a cup of coffee that is more than 3.4 ounces or 100 milliliters won’t be allowed. So, if you are going to bring Starbucks make sure you find It inside the airport or settle with bringing an expresso shot.


  1. Apple sauce

Most of the apple sauce that I have found is usually 4oz or more. If you can find the small tube packs, then you should be allowed to bring them with you. But the basic size snack cups you find in the store most likely won’t be able to bring.


  1. Yogurt

Yogurt won’t be allowed on an airplane unless you bring the smaller to-go tubes. I would not recommend trying to bring it if the packaging of the yogurt says that it’s 3.4 or more ounces.


  1. Salsa

So, you brought your chips and now you want to bring something else to dip them in. Well, it most likely won’t be allowed in if the jar is more than 3.4 ounces. The same goes for queijo and ranch-type of chip dips.


How to Pack Your Snacks for a Flight?


I recommend leaving them in the original packaging. I also recommend bringing some durable Ziplock bags just in case you open them and the bag tears.


Should I fly on an Empty Stomach?


No, I do not recommend flying on an empty stomach. While you can eat light, I normally grub so I can fall asleep lol. But we all are different. If you feel you should eat light try that out first and judge from there. One time I had the person next to me throw up all over the plane. I would not want that to happen to anyone.


Can I bring homemade food on a plane?


Yes, you can bring your own home-cooked meal, along with sandwiches and other snacks that you want. I would just keep in mind the other people around you allergies such as shellfish, peanuts, etc. I have heard of the smell of some of these foods disturbing others, so you definitely want to be mindful and courteous.


Conclusion. Well, that pretty much wraps it up for me speaking about the best travel snacks to bring on an airplane. I love having a Travel blog and being able to share posts like this with you all. If you have any other ideas you would like to add please let me know in the comment section below. I am looking forward to hearing your feedback and finding out what are your favorite snacks you like to bring on your vacation.