Tanzania is Ready to Let Tourist come to Visit


The President of Tanzania said on Sunday that he is ready to let tourists come visit the country. He said there will be no 14-day quarantine. You will only be required to pass the temperature test. 

The Tanzania Government Closed Schools and stopped International flights along with large gatherings but there currently is no lock-down in Tanzania. A lock-down would do more harm than good.

The President said if he didn’t see an increase in cases that he would open back up the schools and start allowing sports to be continued. Also if the tourist can pass the temperature test and not showing any signs or symptoms then let them come see the animals.


Airport Process to Enter Tanzania on my latest Trip in February 2020


I have a story to tell you about my recent trip in February to Tanzania. When I arrived at the airport they asked me where I was arriving from. I told them the USA and they made me stand in a line off to the side. There was an image talking about EBOLA symptoms. 

Next, I noticed a person of Asian descent walk up and they asked him if he was from China and had him stand in the same line as me. Another guy walks up and they ask him where he was from. He said that he was from Italy, and they said ok go ahead. At this time the USA didn’t have a lot of cases so I was wondering why they got me and the dude from China in the same line. 

We ended up having to explain what I was doing here and how long I was going to be here etc and then they did the Temperature check on me with a handheld digital thermometer. After I passed through to get ready for about 3 more steps before entering the country.