Exploring the Safest South American Countries to Visit in 2023

South America, a continent known for its vibrant cultures, breathtaking landscapes, and rich history, is a dream destination for many travelers. However, safety concerns can often deter potential visitors. To put your mind at ease, we’ve compiled a list of the safest South American countries to visit in 2023, based on the Global Peace Index and other reliable sources.


1. Uruguay

Topping the list, Uruguay has repeatedly been ranked as the safest country in South America. A small nation nestled between Brazil and Argentina, Uruguay offers beautiful beaches, charming colonial towns, and a peaceful atmosphere. Its capital, Montevideo, boasts a blend of historical architecture and modern urban design.


2. Chile

Chile, with its diverse landscapes stretching from the Atacama Desert to Patagonia, is a haven for adventure seekers. The country’s low crime rate and stable political climate make it a safe choice for travelers. Don’t miss the vibrant city of Santiago or the colorful coastal town of Valpara√≠so.


3. Argentina

Argentina, known for its passionate tango, mouthwatering steak, and the stunning Iguazu Falls, ranks high on the safety list as well. Buenos Aires, often referred to as the “Paris of South America,” is a city that never sleeps, while the wine region of Mendoza and the striking landscapes of Patagonia offer quieter charms.


4. Paraguay

Paraguay might be less traveled compared to its neighbors, but it’s well worth a visit. The country boasts impressive Jesuit ruins, the vast Gran Chaco wilderness, and a warm, welcoming culture. Its lower ranking on the Global Peace Index is an encouraging sign for potential visitors.


5. Costa Rica

While technically in Central rather than South America, Costa Rica deserves an honorable mention. Known for its biodiversity, eco-tourism, and friendly locals, Costa Rica is a safe and exciting choice for travelers eager to experience Latin American culture and natural beauty.


As always, while these countries are statistically safer, it’s essential for travelers to remain vigilant, respect local customs and laws, and stay informed about current events. With careful planning and precaution, a trip to South America can be a memorable and worry-free adventure.


Remember, every journey begins with a single step, so why not let that step lead you to the enchanting lands of South America? Happy travels!


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