Best Luggage Tags for Checked Bags in 2023

Luggage tags are essential travel accessories that help identify your bags and provide contact information should they get lost. When choosing a luggage tag for checked bags, durability, visibility, and security are key factors to consider. Here are some of the best luggage tags for checked bags in 2023:


1. Ovener Silicone Luggage Tag

The Ovener Silicone Luggage Tag is highly durable and designed to withstand the rough handling of checked luggage. Made from silicone, it’s tough yet flexible, and its bright colors make your bag easy to spot on the carousel.


2. Vera Bradley Luggage Tag

Vera Bradley Luggage Tags are not only stylish but also sturdy. They feature a clear ID window and secure buckle strap. The variety of unique patterns and colors make your luggage stand out.


3. Talonport Indestructible Luggage Tag


As the name suggests, the Talonport Indestructible Luggage Tag is built to last. It’s made of stainless steel and comes with a lifetime guarantee, making it an excellent choice for frequent travelers.


4. Dynotag Deluxe Steel Luggage Tag

The Dynotag Deluxe Steel Luggage Tag is a smart tag that allows you to track your bag. It’s weatherproof, features a steel loop, and comes with advanced online security features.


5. Teskyer Luggage Tags


Teskyer Luggage Tags offer a sophisticated look with their high-quality PU leather. They have a clear plastic window that protects your information while making it easily accessible.


6. Apple AirTag

For tech-savvy travelers, the Apple AirTag offers an innovative way to keep track of your luggage. Simply attach it to your bag, and you can locate it using the Find My app on your iPhone.


7. Shacke Luggage Tags


Shacke Luggage Tags are made of a rubber-like material that’s flexible yet durable. They come with a privacy cover to protect your personal information.


Each of these luggage tags has its own strengths, so choose the one that best fits your travel needs and style. Remember, a good luggage tag is a small investment that can save you a lot of hassle on your travels. Check our Travel Blog for more tips and travel resources.