I quit my 60k a year job to become a full-time content creator.


In November of 2005, I was arrested for Possession with Intent to sell and deliver along with a bunch of other related charges. I was 18 years old at the time, it definitely was not my first run-in or last, I was a real-life menace to society. Still, I had a decent job for my age making around $14.45 an hour as a forklift operator on the army base. As a result of my arrest, I lost my job.


Fast Forward to 19 Years old, the court was offering me a plea deal of 3 Years of Supervised Felony probation. If I tried to take my case to trial I was looking at 7 years. Even though a lot of the charges held no weight and were not what I was doing I decided to take the Plea deal but not for probation. I asked my attorney how much time I could do to avoid the probation. The way I was living I knew that I wouldn’t have made it through probation and it would have just prolonged my punishment. They came back and said I could do 6 months in Prison with no probation when I got out. While I sat in Prison I told myself that when I get out that if I get another good job I would not get into trouble again. For anyone wondering I am no longer a felon. I had my record wiped clean due to a new law that passed a few years ago. 


One of My Blessings


3 weeks out of Prison I had a job interview back on the Army base. This time as a Mechanic, My dad knew some people who were doing mass hiring for a company at the time and decided to give me a chance. I worked my way up to a Heavy Equipment mechanic and was making $18.81 per hour. I kept that job for 5 years until we were laid off due to government spending being cut. Right after that, I received a job in the Country of Kuwait. That is where I was working on Heavy equipment on our USA Army base.


Working in Kuwait as a Contracto


Difficult times in life


After I came back from Kuwait is where I found out how hard it was being a felon. I had over 7 years of experience at the time being a heavy equipment and diesel mechanic and could not get hired because of the felony on my background. I was always honest and disclosed my background info and the managers would want to hire me but the companies wouldn’t allow it.

I finally got a job as a diesel mechanic making $15 an hour, it hurt my heart to take substantially less than what I was used to making but I needed a job. I was working on the tractors and trailers that are used to haul livestock, and hogs specifically. So it was a horrible job lol. Also, The trailers smelled so bad. I was working 12-hour shifts almost 6 and 7 days a week. and Boom my son’s mother put me on child support.  Shortly after I stopped working all the hours but I was still required to pay that amount so It really hurt my pockets.


I started creating a business and fully invested all my time and money into it. I was running my full-time business and working full time also. I did not do anything besides work on my business or go to work on Trailers and tractors for at least 2 years. No bars, clubs, hanging out. I didn’t do any of it until my business started becoming profitable.


Better days


After working that job for 3 1/2 years I started applying for other jobs because they wanted to change my work schedule to day shift. I worked overnight for 3 1/2 years so that is what gave me the opportunity to run my business during the daytime before I came to work at night.


I finally got a job that I prayed for. I was still a mechanic but this time I had a great schedule. Working only 3 days a week and making $25 hr not including the bonuses and night pay and weekend pay. It was the perfect job for me to work while I run my business. It was also closer to my house. The other job was about a 20-mile drive there.


Business Started Booming

My business started booming. I started making 6 figures from my business with a lot of hard work. I probably slept 4 hours a day. Most days I would be so tired that I couldn’t even make it from the couch to my bed. I literally never had a day off from work or time to myself.


Now with me working so much, I decided that I wanted to take an international trip. I remembered how much fun I use to have in Dubai and thought how I deserve it again. So I went ahead and booked a trip and had a great time. I had So much fun that I knew that I needed to know how I could live this lifestyle permanently. I already built websites and knew how to do marketing but I knew I needed something else for additional income.


That is when I decided that I should start a Youtube channel. I saw that you can get paid for posting videos. I thought about how I missed the perfect opportunity to do this years ago seeing that I was actually living in Kuwait and Traveling to Dubai. I could have been putting out content. I even had good camera gear to do it.


So as I started traveling more and started building some steam on my New Youtube channel. Out of nowhere, my job decided to change everyone’s work schedule. My schedule was changing from 3 days a week to 4 days a week. The job itself was easy and the pay was great. I mean the schedule was not even that bad. I went from working three 12-hour shifts to four 10-hour shifts. Still, it made me disgruntled and I knew working for a company was no longer for me.


Trouble in Paradise



I made the shift change work and I did it for years. The company also had the policy that you could take off without pay if you did not have PTO time to cover it. That is when I started taking advantage of the policy because I actually didn’t need to work that job as much because I had my own business that was at its peak.


I started traveling more and more. My coworkers started hating on me because I would never be at work and was always on vacation. They started complaining and then that is when the managers had to start looking into what they could do. They tried to go against the company’s policy and make up their own rules to stop me from traveling so much but it didn’t work when I got the Corporate human resources involved lol.


After years of them trying to harass me about taking so much time off of work, I knew that I was already in a place financially that I could afford to let that job go. That is when the pandemic happened. The business started going slow and customers started doing more chargebacks and it caused me to just completely halt my business. I was having anxiety and depression. Only Traveling made me feel better so I continued. I even stopped putting out videos consistently on Youtube.


My Best Decision


In October 2021 I finally came to the point that I knew I was going to quit. I found other ways to make passive income and could also use gigs to help keep me afloat so that I could travel full time and without limits. I was ready to become a full-time content creator. Not to mention in June 2021 I was able to get my background record expunged so I am no longer a Felon. So the risk of me quitting the job is not the same as when i had a felony on my background.


So, Just like that I quit my at the time $27 hr job. I haven’t been back to work since November 2021. I have no regrets and I’m finally ready to continue my dream to start back putting out quality content. Both in my blogs on this website and with the videos I create on Youtube.


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