How to install a Screen Protector without dust or Bubbles


Finding ways to protect your new investment is something that everyone will look into after purchasing a New Smart Smartphone. After all, nowadays they are more expensive than some laptops. Just as importantly you will want to make sure your device is protected while still looking stylish. That is why today I will show you my quick and simple method so you know how to install a Screen Protector without dust or Bubbles.


Easy Steps to Put on a Screen Protector without Dust and Bubbles


  1. Go to the Restroom in your House
  2. Turn on the Hot water
  3. Turn the shower On
  4. Wait 5 minutes until you see that the mirror is foggy
  5. Then follow the instructions listed provided by your Screen Protector Company


Screen Protector Installation Steps Explained


Going to a room where you can build the humidity up allows you to actually be in a dust-free area. A lot of the time we don’t see the dust in places like the living room or at the desk or dining room table but trust me it’s there. Being in a room with high humidity knocks the dust right out of the air which will give you a better chance at installing the screen protector as the instructions usually say. One of the first things the manual says is to move to a dust-free area. Dust is usually the culprit of having bubbles under your screen protector


How to Choose a Quality Screen Protector


When I was searching for a Quality Screen protector I always search for one that offers some type of lifetime guarantee. I feel this assures me that they will make a quality product and not want customers to constantly needed to receive exchanges. In my search, I found a Screen Protector that offers all the qualities I wanted such as Self Repair Film and Lifetime protection. It also came with to screen protectors in the box just in case something happens while installing. You can find the best Screen protector Brand here. I have recently started using the ArmorSuit Brand. It advertises as military grade film and that sure sounds protective but more importantly it works! 

Different Ways to Protect Your Smartphone


I recommend using some type of Protection such as a good-quality phone case. The Glass Screen protectors usually do a better job of protecting your phone if it falls face-first onto the gravel. The glass protector may break but your Screen should survive. A film screen protector does a great job at keeping your phone screen Scratch proof. They now have this self-healing formula that a lot of screen protector manufacturing companies are using.

Make sure you insure your Device. I Recommend having some sort of insurance to cover the losses on your device if something does happen such as an accident or theft. Travel Insurance is an option if you are traveling but a lot of times they only cover up to a certain amount. You can also file a claim under your personal property insurance such as rental but I would only use that option if everything else fails. You can try and see if your phone carrier has an insurance option to cover you but if you have an older device a lot of phone insurance won’t want to cover it unless they are new.


My Cellphone Travel Horror Stories


For someone like me that frequently travels My phone usually goes through a lot. I have had a phone pickpocketed, Another that Screen shattered after falling on the ground while getting out of an Uber. Scratches all over the phone from Foreign Coins in my pocket. The charging port being damaged from constant drops while charging and using it at the same time and More.

Best International Phone Plan for Travel

One of the most important things besides keeping a phone in good condition is keeping a phone connected when you find yourself abroad. Lucking for you I already wrote a blog post Regarding you about the Best International Phone Plan for Travel. Not only does it work Internationally but it works locally also. My bill is 1/2 the price I use to pay when I was with Verizon. 



I hope My Cellphone Hack works for you as it works for me. After Countless issues in the past I gained the experience and taught me how to install a screen protector. Thanks for stopping by and be sure to check with other pages on this Travel Blog just in case I have some other helpful content for you. Let me know in the comment section below if it actually works for you.