Frontier Airlines: The Worst USA Airline Company?


Frontier Airlines, a low-cost carrier based in Denver, Colorado, has made a name for itself with its tagline, “Low Fares Done Right.” With over 100 destinations throughout North America, it certainly offers an extensive network for travelers. However, beneath the attractive low fares and widespread availability, there lurk several issues that have led to dissatisfaction among its customers.


Frontier Airline Bad Customer Service 

One of the most glaring problems that Frontier Airlines faces is its customer service. The company recently made headlines when it decided to eliminate its customer service line. This meant that customers no longer had the option to speak with a live agent over the phone. This decision sparked a backlash from customers, who found direct communication essential, particularly when dealing with flight disruptions or other urgent issues. Although, they are not exactly alone. American Airlines also does something similar with its Customer Relations Department. You need to fill out a form and wait for them to email you back which is also not good.


Baggage Policy Controversy

Another major point of contention is Frontier’s baggage policy. Unlike many airlines that allow at least one free carry-on item, Frontier charges for both checked and carry-on bags. This fee is not included in the ticket price, leading to unexpected costs for travelers. Furthermore, the airline has faced lawsuits over its bag policies and fees, which has further tarnished its reputation. Recently, a Florida woman filed a class-action lawsuit against Frontier over its bag policy, seeking $100 million in damages. Customers have also faced issues when trying to bring a personal bag on the plane even though it fits inside the Frontiers bag diagram making customers check the bag to earn extra commission.


Unhonest Pricing

While Frontier offers low base fares, they follow an a la carte pricing model where everything beyond the bare seat incurs an additional cost. This includes choosing your own seat, bringing a carry-on, and even in-flight refreshments. While some travelers appreciate the ability to pay only for what they use, others find this nickel-and-diming approach frustrating and misleading. They now even charge a fee for booking your ticket on their website. They also came out with an gowild all you can fly pass a lot of customers that purchased are also complaining.


In conclusion, while Frontier Airlines may be an attractive option for budget-minded travelers looking at the base fare, the hidden costs and lack of customer service can lead to a less than satisfactory travel experience. It’s a reminder that sometimes, you get what you pay for and it’s always important to consider all factors when choosing an airline. Find out about the Best USA Airlines.