Cancun Mexico is Opening back up in June


It has been reported by several others that Cancun, Playa del Carmen, and Riviera Maya are scheduled to open back up at the beginning of June. I think this is great news. A lot of Americans just like myself self are ready to start traveling again and which better place to start the summer off then on the beautiful beaches of Cancun.


In the beginning, Mexico will be advertising Cancun to locals before it starts promoting for international travelers. Find out more in this link.


International Flights to Mexico may start with Southwest and Delta 


Flights from the USA to Mexico may start with companies like Southwest Airlines and Delta Airlines. A lot of direct flights that you may have caught in the past have been canceled. I personally usually use American Airlines to Latin American countries because I like to build my miles up and remain a gold member but the way they canceled my Rio Trip without giving me a different date to choose from I am not happy with them right now.


USA and Mexico Borders closed to nonessential Travelers


 Back on March 21st, 2020 the United States of America and Mexico entered an agreement to not allow nonessential people to cross borders. That means that Mexico nor the USA are allowing tourists at this time. You also can not travel for recreational activities. Initially, the travel restriction was only going to be for 30 days. On April 20th it was extended for another 30 days. Currently, there is a Bill that is being drafted to Extend the Travel restriction indefinitely until the CDC sees that the virus no longer causes a threat. To read more about this check out this article.

When I left Mexico back in March, while at the airport they already had these giant thermal temperature checkers. You just walk through and they can see your exact temperature. I can only imagine the type of testing you may face now if you want to pass through.


Even if you happen to make it through you also risk being quarantined for 14 days. A lot of countries have been doing this since February so you want to do your research. To learn more about restrictions that you may face check out